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Ride And Roses Event

R.A.R.E. is an association organizing motorcycle “Rides” as part of Pink October.

What is R.A.R.E ?

R.A.R.E. (Ride And Roses Event) is a motorcycle ride that takes places yearly. The goal is to organize motorcycle events during Pink October and communicate about the aftermath of cancer, help women return to active life and get back in the saddle.


This charity day will highlight the fact that a woman affected by breast cancer remains totally feminine, but also combative, an actress in her care.


The motorcycle, the ride, the group symbolizing the benevolent accompaniment towards healing. Just like bikers, these women know how to get back in the saddle…


Concretely, we put bikers in touch with “Roses” (Women who have suffered from breast cancer) to do Wrinkles and share a good time.

A motorcycle ride to help women with cancer in the post-treatment phase get back to normal life.


R.A.R.E. a motorcycle “ride” dedicated to the fight against breast cancer during Pink October

This event is an opportunity, after a difficult fight, to feel supported and carried during a festive gathering, around our values such as sharing, freedom and adventure

Thanks to the solidarity of the bikers, women with breast cancer were able to participate in this ride as passengers. Register as a “Duo” pilot if you wish to wear a “Rose” or participate in “Solo” if you only wish to accompany us.

Ride and roses - Wall of Roses

Support the league against cancer

La Ligue Nationale contre le Cancer” (French League against cancer) is a public interest association founded in 1918.

La Ligue” is the largest non-governmental funder of research into cancer in France. It provides positive help to patients and their families.  Many local committees organise support groups for patients and families, as well as provide information and practical help.